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Looking for a place to call home or just want to visit? We would like to welcome you to our church!


Joel 3:14

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.



Never Before

Never before have we seen a time like this. It is not time for indecision but time for action. Wondering in the valley of decision is a dangereous place to be. More and more people are telling me that they need to get in church or are in church and need to get stirred up in the Lord again. However, the right time never seems to come. If you are in this valley I urge you to come to a decision and join in the end time revival that was promised to God's people. Come worship with us!



Time for the Fire!


We may be a small church but we have seen God move in a big way. It's time for the fire! John said that we would be baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire! So while others are settling into a cozy routine we are ready to see God move like never before. You know when there is fire. I have never seen anyone that came to close to fire not feel it. You see, when you touch fire you don't know what your going to do. You may jump, you may shout, you may run around like a madman. But one thing is for sure, your going to do something when you come in contact with fire. Don't settle for a comfortable routine.  Were excited about what God is doing and the prophesies that have been told about what He is going to do and we hope that the fire will catch on to you, too! It's time for the fire!


No Worries!

Come for a visit and just bring yourself and your family. Jesus was not about money and neither are we. We have faith God will take care of the church, so when you visit we guarantee no offering will be taken up, ever.




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